So, what is there to do in the country?

tannerpicWhen people move from the city to a more rural community, they often ask, “What do you do for fun?”.  And the most honest answer is, “Just use your imagination, and you can create your own entertainment.”

There is a  stigma or stereotype about country dwellers, and that’s they are a simple folk,  who hunt and drive pick up trucks while blaring country music and drinking beer; often all at the same time.

The truth is rural communities and the family farms are the backbone of our country and modern cities.   Our modern cities would not exist or have the amenities they do, if it weren’t for the farmers in the countryside who provide the city dwellers with food, sustenance and natural resources.

In more recent years, the family farm ideal has gone to the wayside in favour of large commercial farming operations, and less and less families are able to stay in the agriculture industry due to the modernisation of farm practices and the industrial mentality of “go big or go home”.

There is a new inhabitant moving into the rural countryside, in more recent years, and they are city folk.  Many are retired boomers or people who have cashed in on the housing market boom in the cities.  These people have often had busy careers in the concrete jungle and are looking to slow down their pace and enjoy the quieter side of life.

It can be quite a culture shock to many of these new residents, who may have never heard a pack of coyotes howling at dusk, that sound as though they are right in the backyard; or have a neighbours nosy heifer escape from a pasture and gobble up their organic vegetable garden; or the incessant crowing of a confused rooster who clearly doesn’t just crow at sunrise; or the pungent aroma of a freshly fertilised field.   These are just a few examples of some of the surprises that urban folks must adjust to when relocating to the country.

As for fun, well, that is something that most of us country folk don’t really worry about, for the simple fact, the surroundings and daily happenings of rural life provide all the entertainment one could need.   Sure, it’s nice to go see a movie every so often, or go out for dinner at a nice restaurant.

But often the best experiences in the country are the spontaneous ones.  All it takes is a little imagination.  Go for a walk, or paint a picture, or have a bonfire with friends, or simply put on your favourite music and enjoy the sights of nature.  And if you are particularly passionate about something, then be proud and share it.

Cheers, and happy wanderings!

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