5 Tips for Enjoying the Holiday Season

Christmas at the Lodge

Here are 5 tips to help you enjoy the holiday season with minimal stress:

  1. Don’t rush – this applies to everything from taking the time to visit and enjoy the events you attend/host, to savouring every bite of delicious holiday food, right down to slowing down while driving ! The holidays come and go so fast, so chersish every little moment.
  2. Budget – the holidays tend to get expensive, so know what you want to spend and stick to it. Watch the flyers for sales in reatil and grocery stores; you’d be surprised at what you can save by catching items on sale.  When in doubt, get creative and make a gift; home made baked goods are my go-to, but any handmade item is always special.
  3. Do what makes you happy – make sure you spend your time doing what you want to do. If you dread going to a function, politely decline and say ,”no, thank you, I am unable to attend”.  We have a tradition of just staying home on Christmas day, honestly it has taking 85% of the stress out of our holiday routine.
  4. Send Cards – take the time to send out holiday cards.  It has become a more dated gesture, but it is meaningful nonetheless.  Its a great way to express best wishes and to let people know that you are thinking about them
  5. Reflect  – the holidays is a great time to spend reflecting on the past year and the one to come.  Spend some time making goals and priorities; its a great way to start a new year.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

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