5 Tips for Staying Warm when its 30 below zero


The recent blasts of freezing temeperatures have caught a lot of people off guard.  When the temperature drops below minus thirty, a lot of things don’t work like they should.

We’ve compiled a list of tips to help your days go a little smoother when the mercury drops, and to help you avoid cabin fever.

  1. Plug in –  this goes for just about everything.  You are probably going to have to plug your vehicles block heater in, to make it easier to start. If it still won’t start, you will probably have to charge / boost it with a battery charger or booster cables.
    In older homes, you will need to inspect your home for drafts (cold air coming in), and fill in the gaps with expansion foam.  If its still drafty, you may need to insulate your water pipes with foam pipe wrap insulation.  If a water line does freeze, you will need a heated cord wrapped around the frozen line to thaw it out.
  2. Check in – when its this cold, some people just don’t go out.  Its a good idea to call and check in on people, to make sure they are ok.  Often people become secluded and isolated in the winter, and a simple phone call to check in can make a the difference in that persons life.
  3. Bundle up – If you haven’t yet, now is the time to invest in some good winter gear.  Exposed skin can freeze in minutes and frostbite can set in quickly.  Warm boots, snow pants, winter coat, warm gloves, neck warmer, scarf, toques, are going to save you in the winter.  Just remember when driving, it is best to remove these items in order for your seatbelt to fit properly and safely.
  4. Plan ahead –  if you do have to leave your home, make sure your trip is planned so that you don’t forget anything. Make a list of the stops you need to make, eg. grocery store, hardware store, gas station, liquor store, etc.  Get all your supplies in one trip so that once you are home, you can stay there and focus on staying warm.
  5. Get comfortable –  once you have everything thawed out, insulated, and bundled up, you can get comfy and relax.   Finish that book you’ve been meaning to read, or catch up on your favourite tv show.  Find some new recipes to try or make some your favourite comfort foods.  Spend some time reflecting, planning, and setting goals for the year ahead.

 All the  best & Stay warm!


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