The Value of Neighbours

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The rural lifestyle is one of great independence; however there is a lot to be said about having good neighbours.

In the City, most people associate their neighbour, as the person who lives next door or across the street.  In the country, our version of a neighbour is someone who lives within a kilometre (or more) radius of you.

Taking the time to introduce yourself to people in the neighbourhood, can have many benefits, such as:

  • having someone to call when you need a helping hand – whether its to give some advice on a project, or someone to clear snow from your driveway
  • networking and learning about local businesses – many rural dwellers are entrepreneurs / farmers and sell useful products
  • often your neighbours end up turning into good friends, and these friendships can last a lifetime
  • being included in local gatherings and functions

These are just some of the benefits of having rural neighbours.  Most often the quality of your neighbours, outweighs the quantity.

In the city, people have many neighbours that they generally do not know, whereas, in the country, we have less neighbours, but they are, more often than not, good people who are good to have around.

For the most part, these are generalities, and there are exceptions to every situation, but from our experience, we have neighbours who have become more like extended family.

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