This blog gives an insiders look at how rural residents can stay socially connected in the vast expanses of the Canadian countryside.

We offer insights, ideas, tips and anecdotes to those who find themselves bored with country living, and intend to show people why we love where we live, and why we wouldn’t change it for a thing.

Who are we? Well, my husband and I have lived in the country for, collectively, over 40 years, and feel like we know a thing or two about country life. My husband is a 3rd generation farmer and we continue that tradition to this day.

We also own an historic building, called the Tanner Lodge, which is located in Stirling-Rawdon Township in Ontario, Canada. The Tanner Lodge was a former Orangemen’s Lodge and was the social hub of the hamlet of Tanner, which is nothing more than a ghost town now. We bought the building with the intent of restoring it to its former glory and intended use, which is to bring people together. We have added much needed modern amenities such as indoor plumbing and electricity, as well as accommodations.

We both love the outdoors and enjoy the fact that our kids will grow up in the country.